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Pilates & Zumba, Authentic Movement

Exercise instruction  -  Gym & Pilates

Acupressure & Quantum Entrainment Healing

Acupressure   treatments:

Seated on-site Acupressure massage takes only 20 minutes!


It increases well-being and  helps stressed people to de-stress.


Switching off totally for a short time is like a micro-holiday for body and mind.


Tensions are relieved and the whole body feels more energized and invigorated.

 Working special acupressure points on the client's back, neck, arms and head, the  treatment helps to realx tense muscles and improve the flow of oxygen and energy.

chair massage

Wynona can treat you in the privacy of your home, or at one of her venues - or even combine a relaxing massage with a strengthening pilates lesson.

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