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It’s difficult to describe Authentic Movement. I stop driving my body like a horse in a race, and begin to listen. What do you want to do, body? I let my body sink and stretch, rest and expand, feel it’s strength and it’s weakness, it’s delight and it’s pain. I become a listener, a witness, to the movement of my body. It’s a “time out” of the relentless demands of my mind and my practical life, a time to enjoy the present moment.


One of the delights of Authentic Movement is that it is shared with a witness, a group. I am not alone in my explorations, there is a community around me which keeps me safe and grounded.

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                         ....to build an Authentic Movement community in Brecon / South Wales.


                I am looking for fellow–movers; anybody who is interested, curious, willing to step into the realm of the present moment and the promptings of body and imagination.  


                I am aiming for a peer practice group which meets 1ce a month. Date/venue to be arranged

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The space


When I enter the space it is already sacred.

A song, a people, a carrying.

Nothing needs to be done.

I join and carry the song a while.

The luxury. I can just be in it and of it.

When the song ends it does not end.

The rhythm and harmony are still here in echoes, in being.

Nothing to do, all is well, all is safe.

At the end, strong running currents around.

I walk slowly, get anchored near another mover.

She a rock. I a tree.

Still together but not touching.

Still in the running current.


Ann McNeal