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Pilates & Zumba, Authentic Movement

Exercise instruction  -  Gym & Pilates

Acupressure & Quantum Entrainment Healing

Exercise does not have to be painful !


Even a few simple seated postures from Yoga, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique or some slow Qi Gong  postures can greatly improve mobility, balance, flexibility and general mood.

Pilates develops strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture — with a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise.


The exercises are co-ordinated with the breath and geared to personal fitness level - nver any strain.

Zumba is "exercise in disguise", a fun way to get some cardiovascular exercise and de-stress.


Zumba Gold helps to improve general overall fitness and wellbeing, and generates a positive mind frame - increasing energy, confidence and productivity.

everybody can improve their health and wellbeing

the relaxing exercise practice

an exhilarating workout

work-place-zumba PILATES ZUMBA SEATED EXERCISE stickmen elderly-pilates-class QI GONG

Qi gong exercises are gentle and easy - an ideal way to relax the whole body, release stress and tension and bring a stronger sense of vitality and wellbeing.


SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE OF ALL ABILITIES - can be beneficial done seated.

core strength, co-ordination     and alignment