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Yi jin jing Qi Gong

A Qi Gong sequence lasts about 30 minutes and  consists of a series of gentle stretching and rotating movements


Cross-movements and opposite side of body movements  improve co-ordination and integration of both sides of the brain.


These easy and gentle exercises, which can be done by anybody, will help to reduce mental stress and physical tension and improve general health and well-being.  The exercises are calming the mind, improving the mood and strengthening the body. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles and tendons, promoting strength and flexibility, speed and stamina, balance and coordination of the body 


Regular exercise also aids circulation and digestion through easy stretching and rocking exercises and improves breathing through co-ordination of breath with movement.


Yi jin jing bone-tendon-muscle strengthening

traditional Chinese Qi Gong    

- a series of slow,

   gentle movements


exercise does not have to be painful

everybody has the ability to improve their fitness and wellbeing